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Rollo's Drinking Horn

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  • Name of the horn: Known only by Clive Standen 
  • Concept: “The Conscience of Rollo” 
  • Date: Crafted during December 2015 - February 2016

The design of the horn:

The horn was given a custom design with the wolves Hati and Sköll, called Hate and Treachery in English, who are fathered by Fenris. They will devour the moon and the sun come Ragnarök (you might have noticed that Rollo has them tattooed on his upper arms). The reason to us choosing Hati and Sköll is that we see Hate as a powerful emotion that fuels Rollo – the hate of living in the shadow of his brother, the hate of not having everything he thinks he is entitled to, and perhaps even hate directed at himself for his actions. Treachery, on the other hand, is one of the consequences of his hate and he has chosen to go down that dark path more than once.

Rollo’s name in the tongue of his kin (Old Norse: Hrolfr) is written in runes on the horn as a reminder of his roots, his past and his true self – exposing him even further to his conscience.

The spirit of the horn:

This isn’t a horn Rollo would bring forth during festivities. Hati and Sköll on the horn aren’t for public display and they haven’t got the intimidating, “I don’t care if I live or die”, purpose of his Hati and Sköll tattoos that cover his upper arms. We see Rollo sitting with the horn in solitude in his chambers, whilst in deep thought, pending between self-loathing and proudly embracing his accomplishments propelled forth by the tabooed elements of Hati and Sköll.

Drinking from a horn symbolizes joining or becoming one with the spirit of the horn, and in Rollo’s case it would be reconciling with his feelings and actions…almost as staring into a mirror while soul searching and facing one’s innermost feelings. Some might consider it torture – but Rollo is not one to sway away from conflict….not even with himself as the opponent. The horn is also sized so that if filled to the brim with the right stuff it’d put even Rollo on his arse – thus serving its purpose and turning the lights off so that the night won’t last too long.