Trossingen Lyre

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  • Body: sycamore
  • Soundboard: sycamore
  • Pegs: beech
  • Bridge: sycamore
  • Finish: wax and natural oils
  • Tuning: G-A-B-C-D-E Nylon strings
  • Dimensions: 810 mm x 200 mm
  • See video with sound in the additional info section
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Handmade reconstruction of the germanic lyre from VI century found in a burial
site in Trossingen.

The lyre is an ancient instrument. The earliest known examples of the lyre have been recovered at archeological sites that date to c. 2700 BCE in Mespopotamia. The Trossingen lyre is a Germanic lyre that is representative of a separate strand of lyre development. Appearing in warrior graves of the first millennium AD, these lyres differ from the lyres of the Mediterranean antiquity, by a long, shallow and broadly rectangular shape, with a hollow soundbox curving at the base, and two hollow arms connected across the top by an integrated crossbar or ‘yoke. Famous examples include the lyre from the ship burial at Sutton Hoo and and the decayed lyre discovered in silhouette at the Prittlewell royal Anglo-Saxon burial in Essex. The waterlogged lyre recovered from a grave at Trossigen, Germany, in 2001 is the best-preserved example found so far.

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