Tube Scarf, Eggja Runes

Tube Scarf, Eggja Runes

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Supplier to Vikings and Game of Thrones
  • Material: Polyester
  • Thin and breathable
  • Stretches a lot
  • The design is applied with sublimation printing that brings ink and fabric together as one.
  • Copyrighted design: Grimfrost
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Magic scarf with a Viking Age design and the runic inscription from the Eggja runestone. The backside has no print. The scarf is thin, breathable and stretches a lot. It can be used as a lightweight mask, beanie, headband, hair-band, wristband, neckerchief and more.

Product number: 3722

The Eggja runestone was ploughed up in 1917 on the farm Eggja in Norway. The stone was found with the written side downwards over a man's grave, which is dated to 650-700 C.E. It contains the longest known inscription in the Elder Futhark, even though certain runes are transitional towards the Younger Futhark that followed. There are a few different translations of the runes, but what is agreed on is that they that contain a protection of the grave.

The runes can be translated to:

Not has the sun seen, nor the sword shorn, this stone
Do not seek the man howling over the naked dead
Misguided men shall not lay it aside
VIl  threw a death wave over them
The oarlocks wore out for, with the tired mast-top

Who brought the horde here, to the land of the men?
The god-fish from distant island streams
Swimming with the screaming bird

Protection against the wrong-doer

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