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Pendants - Tyr Pendant, Bronze -

Tyr Pendant, Bronze

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A bronze pendant in the shape of the ‘T-rune’ that represents Týr, Norse god of war and heroic glory. The rune is also known as the ‘victory rune’. It is mentioned in old rune poems how a warrior carving the rune into his weapon would dedicate it to Týr. Doing so would strengthen the weapon and grant a favourable outcome in battle. The rune extends into the heads of Huginn and Muninn, the two raves of Odin. The pendant has the same shape on both sides.

  • Size: 45 x 35 mm 
  • Diamteter of hole: 6 mm 
  • Material: Bronze
  • Chain or leather cord not included

A good example of Týr’s heroism and glory can be found in the tale of the gigantic wolf Fenrir. When the gods decided to shackle Fenrir, they planned to trick him to try on a magical rope that was unbreakable. Fenrir sensed deceit and demanded one of them to first place a hand in his mouth as guarantee of that the rope was removed would he not be able to break it. Týr was the only one courageous enough to do so. Thus, when Fenrir failed to break the rope and found himself bound, he bit off Týr’s hand.

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