Viking Dinner Set

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  • Robust wooden Viking Age plate
  • Polished horn cup
  • Hand forged cutlery
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Save 10% with this set! It has everything you need for Viking style eating. For care instructions, visit the individual product pages. The dinner set includes:

1 x Robust, wooden Viking Age plate, article no 2105

- Diameter: 20 cm
- Thickness: 6-7 mm
- Weight: 200 g
- Material: wood
- Hand wash.

1 x Horn cup, article no 2247

- Holds approx. 2,5-3 dl (0.5-0.6 pints)
- Made from a single piece of cattle horn
- Wooden base
- Cleaned and sealed for safe usage
- Hand wash

Hand-forged cutlery, article no 1277

- Fork, knife and spoon
- Material: Iron
- Hand wash

Product number: 2376

Large forks were used during the Viking Age (and earlier) in Scandinavia, even though they weren't common. There are currently 17 finds at the History Museum in Sweden. Here's a link to one find of forks: Fork Find

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