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Weightlifting Gloves, Jarngreipr

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Lift like Thor with these weightlifting gloves named after the mighty gloves that made it possible for the god to grip and wield his hammer. They offer exceptional wrist support and high-end palm protection that ensures a firm grip even on hostile surfaces. withstand even your toughest workouts and provide superior support.  

  • Material: Neoprene and Silicone 
  • Extended wrist wrap for maximum support
  • Absolute palm protection and superior grip
  • Ventilated for breathability

Size Guide:
Measure your palm circumference as seen in one of the pictures and choose according to the following sizes.

  • Small: 7" - 7.7" (18 - 19.5 cm) circumference
  • Medium: 7.7" - 8.5" (19.5 - 21.5 cm) circumference
  • Large: 8.5" - 9.2" (21.5 - 23.5 cm) circumference 
  • XL: 9.2" -9.8" (23.5 - 25 cm) circumference

Járngreipr (Old Norse: iron grippers) are the iron gloves of the god Thor. He cannot be without them when wielding his massive hammer. They enable him to grip and catch the hammer when it returns from a throw.

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