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Wool High Breeches, Brown

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Product number: 3121

Very comfortable and durable trousers made in dense, durable wool. These trousers were common among the Norse before and throughout the Viking Age. This is evident on picture stones, contemporary art and archaeological finds (such as in Hedeby and Birka). Wear them preferably with leg wraps. 

  • Based on historical sources
  • Material: 100% wool (350 gsm)
  • Color: Brown
  • The trousers come with a drawstring at the waist.
  • Neither leg wraps nor shoes included.

"A beloved child has many names" is a Swedish proverb that fits quite well to these trousers. Known as "baggy pants", "pösbyxor" - or even as "rus trousers", even though they existed in Scandinavia long before the Rus. We simply refer to them as "high breeches" (Old Norse: hábrók) which is the name used for them in the Icelandic saga Hauk Hábrók's Tale."


The trousers are made from recycled wool that is a great ECO-friendly option! Aided by modern-day quality controls and meticulous sorting before shredding and weaving, it saves on the energy and water needed to produce non-recycled wool. The process also eliminates the use of chemicals.