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Team Grimfrost

We are proud to have these extra-ordinary modern Vikings in the Grimfrost Team!
Instagram: @teamgrimfrost

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Instagram: @handsome_hansson

World's Strongest Man competitor 2016 and 2018 from Värmland, Sweden. We are proud to back him up in his quest of becoming the world's strongest man! We are also glad that most of our Gym wear go up to 5XL, since Johnny stands 6'6" tall and weighs in at 375 lbs. A good man to have in the shield wall, as they would have said back in the Viking Age.




















Powered by Grimfrost

A Swedish nature lover who has been on his  own Viking odyssey throughout the world since 2016. His quest has taken him to harsh enviroments and dangerous locations, as welll as to breathtaking scenery and friendly strangers. Follow his instagram to  see where his jorney takes him next.