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Nabb Shoe, Black

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A soft and smooth näbb shoe (Swedish: beak shoe) in naturally tanned reindeer-hide that has been crafted above the the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The design carries a strong cultural heritage of the Samí people inhabiting northern Scandinavia. 

The leather originates from the reindeer herds of the Samí people that roam freely across the vast wilderness of northern Scandinavia. The skin has been naturally tanned with only natural substances, with tanning agents from bark. This method is known since ancient times and is the most environmetally friendy.

  • Material: Naturally tanned reindeer-hide from Sweden.
  • Color: Black
  • Rubbersole
  • US men's sizes are have a "M"-prefix, and the US women's sizes have a "W"-prefix. You can also use the Size Guide to find the right size.
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